Workshops: Tools for Tracking your Activities

How much networking did you do last week? Last month? More importantly:

Was it enough?

Networking, by its nature tends to be a "soft" skill which can make an analysis of your efforts a bit dicey, at best. Without a means for measurement, it's hard to improve. More, it's hard to justify the time,effort, and money devoted to the task. Some questions might arise:

  • Are you doing enough networking? Too much?
  • Is a particular group or event giving you good return on investment?
  • How long is your networking lag time?
Networking professionals don't leave their practice to chance. They have tools and systems to support and measure their efforts. At this workshop, you will learn to implement and use:
  • A tool for tracking networking results (know your ROI and reward your referral sources)
  • An event tracking worksheet -- who did you meet and what did you promise?
  • A simple scorecard to measure your networking behaviors
Attendees will also leave with electronic versions of all tools discussed during the session.

This interactive workshop will provide you with new tools to support and measure your networking practice and turn your network into a powerful resource for success and significance.